With over a decade of experience, Murphy & Associates has been designing custom workshops to fit the needs of organizations. Our in-depth sessions equip clients with the skill set needed to be successful in handling a variety of challenging issues, such as: Team Work, Respect, Accountability, Productivity, Gender Differences, Generational Differences, Finding Work/Life Balance and Transitions within the Organizational Culture. What follows is a sample of the workshops we provide. We would be happy to send a more detailed list of our workshops per your request.

Executive Leadership Development

Being a good leader comes with great rewards, but also great challenges. Discover the type of leader you are and improve in ways that can make you more effective and successful. This workshop is also an ideal vehicle for organizations looking to boost the abilities of their management team.

Working to Balance, Achieve & Succeed

Ensure the success of your organization by instituting comprehensive wellness training and accountability coaching for your organization. This initial investment will allow you to combat exorbitant health care costs, resolve employee conflict, improve efficiency and boost employee morale. Our certifications in Coaching, Transformative Mediation, Consulting and Yoga enable us to facilitate improvements in the areas of:

  • Health Care Costs
  • Absenteeism
  • Stress Management
  • Nutrition
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Ergonomics
  • Work-Life Balance

Motivating Millennial’s and Beyond

A new generation is now entering the work force: Empower your management team by giving them the tools necessary to inspire and lead these tech savvy, team oriented, praise driven individuals. By learning more about differences and similarities between the generations, we can better understand how our communication and motivational strategies must be catered to ensure effectiveness in the work place.

Foundations for Success

Finding the right job is difficult and worrying about how well you come across in the interview can only compound the stress. This workshop will begin with a self discovery assessment, where individuals can identify industries and tasks that evoke excitement and passion. After a path has been identified, we give you practical advice and proven techniques to polish your skills and then coach you through each step of the way. Our job is not complete until you are working in the career you have always wanted.

Deal With It

Conflict is inevitable. You cannot run away from it. You have to deal with it! Avoiding conflict only plagues the organization by infecting the climate with hostility and resentment. Take control of the situation and allow for growth opportunities, better relationships and fewer stressful encounters. This workshop will challenge individuals to find their conflict style without incurring resentment, making enemies or destroying relationships.

Relational Boundaries

Do you have trouble saying no to people in your life? Are you having a difficult time getting that promotion at work? Finding your social circle getting smaller? Learn how to set boundaries within your relationships. This workshop will give you the tools to communicate more effectively and sustain healthy relationships in all facets of life.

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