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Murphy & Associates assist companies both large and small in identifying and solving a variety of obstacles that are preventing them from being where they want—and need—to be to succeed.

Backed by proven methodologies, an intimate knowledge of industry best practices and a wealth of experience across many categories, we partner with management teams to implement strategies to create a level of change our clients can understand and own. This also involves keeping in place what’s already working.

Murphy & Associates Coaching starts by asking questions of its key players to understand the dynamics of the company. Through this series of questions, we develop a systematic approach to improving the overall wellness of the organization. Services may include “smart sizing”, designing office fitness plans or implementing a team building initiative. We understand that every business is unique with its own culture and work style and we respect and embrace both.

Our consulting style is extremely flexible and covers a complete range of corporate needs from single projects to long-term consulting; with the end result being improved relationships, efficiencies and financial performance.

Murphy & Associates Coaching specializes in employee retention, which includes interviewing, analysis, and management training. This service is critical in times of economic turmoil. Losing strong producers and training new employees is a tremendous expense to companies.

Organizations turn to Murphy & Associates Coaching to conduct final job interviews to gain an objective opinion of the candidate before an official offer is extended. We provide an independent perspective to ensure that candidates have the tools, mindset and leadership qualities to succeed in the designated position.

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