Conflict Resolution


As transformative mediators, our objective isn’t to get an agreement or settlement as quickly as possible. We believe in empowering all parties to focus on how they interact and communicate together.

Whether it is business issues or court-related matters, our goal is to create the right opportunities and environment for the participants to achieve a successful resolution.

Murphy & Associates offers an unbiased perspective and a calm, knowledgeable presence that should bring closure to any conflict. We specialize in seeing both sides of the issue and treating both parties with the utmost respect.

We help the participants establish their own rules and structure for each session and want every interaction to be as productive as possible. Research has proven that the transformative approach to mediation ultimately results in settlements that serve each party’s needs instead of the needs of the mediator.

We hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards—including complete confidentiality and objectivity—and offer the essential experience and skills to move toward equitable resolution.

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