Marilyn Murphy



Marilyn Murphy


Prior to founding Force of One Coaching, Marilyn Murphy spent 20 years in a wide range of fields. She holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a minor in Nursing from Towson University and has completed graduate studies in Business Management and Organizational Development at Loyola University and Columbia University. Her background encompasses both clinical and business experience. She has held numerous positions in sales management, mergers and acquisitions, operations, business development, public relations, marketing, human resources, and senior level positions in the pharmaceutical healthcare industry. As a certified mediator, Marilyn has implemented the Transformative approach to conflict resolution in numerous cases in organizational, civil disputes, and family altercations.

As a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), a non-profit, individual membership organization formed by coaching professionals that is the world’s largest resource for business and professional coaches, Marilyn’s shared mission with the ICF is to build, support, and preserve the integrity of the coaching profession through programs and standards.

Marilyn started Force of One Coaching with the intention of helping clients find their life balance and achieve their personal best. To that end, she feels the coaching experience is a journey through life’s challenges and successes. While she serves as a guide, her objective is for the client to ultimately be responsible for attaining the goals they desire and deserve.

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