About Murphy & Associates


Murphy & Associates Coaching helps clients from virtually all walks of life to identify and reach their personal and professional goals while maintaining a sense of balance and bliss.

We provide clarity and objectivity along with structure, support and feedback. Through Co-Active Coaching we assist clients in taking a proactive approach to achieving their personal best.

It is important to remember that coaching is not a substitute for psychotherapy. Coaching is an action-oriented partnership. Working together, we can focus on the present, to define, clarify and implement personal and/or professional goals. Your success is our mission.

These three tenets are critical to the philosophy behind Murphy & Associates Coaching:

  • We help you to identify what holds you back.
  • We help you stay committed to your objectives.
  • You are the “Force of One.”

Passion, sensitivity, and honesty are intangible qualities that Murphy & Associates Coaching will help bring to your life to ultimately determine the course your life will take.

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